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Easy Listening

Aug 15, 2019

An unfunny pastor is paired with a funny Jewish comic in the hopes of punching up his sermon on "How To with Charles Duhigg" and comedian / actor Adam Ferrara tells the "Relentless" podcast how to succeed at ANYTHING by focusing on just 3 little things.


Relentless: Bouncing Back From Rejection With Actor...

Aug 9, 2019

When the news girl has news, we bring a very special episode of the show. Here, we present what is normally a Patreon episode. There’s some pod talk (Kim Goldman’s “Confronting OJ”), but then Gina spills some big news and juicy details ensue...


Easy Ways To Support Easy Listening:

Aug 5, 2019

Can you OD on OJ? Not today. Kim Goldman’s podcast delivers - from the plaintive wail dude and his shocking back story, to OJ’s new lawyer competing in the Olympics of telephone smarminess, to a nuanced look at a family’s grief. 


Confronting: OJ Simpson - With Kim Goldman