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Easy Listening

Apr 24, 2020

One bright spot in quarantine: celebrities and comedians “making the time” to podcast! This week, Gina Grad and Teresa Strasser parse two new podcasts from funny duos, “Oh, Hello: the P’dcast” with John Mulaney and Nick Kroll is a surreal and hilarious treat for your ears. And “Bored AF” unites two...

Apr 16, 2020

Tina Fey saves us from descending into quarantine madness on Back to School with Seth Rudetsky and Without Fail reminds us there are so many other "essential" people to thank right now. 


Back to school with Seth Rudetsky - Episode 1 - Guest Tina Fey 

Apr 10, 2020

Brene Brown reminds us to calm the F#@k down when we go through an "FFT" (aka: a First F#@%ing time), we find out why it's so hard to be empathetic in these pandemic times, and Gina sings. A lot. 


The Adam Carolla Podcast


Apr 3, 2020


In these troubled times, one leader has shown himself capable of capturing the attention of America. That man is a king. He’s the “Tiger King.” And his rule started long ago. Before it was on Netflix, it was a podcast that first uncovered his story from the litter box of life, and it’s the focus of this...