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Easy Listening

May 14, 2020

The daughter Steve Jobs first shunned, then awkwardly embraced, has no animosity toward the icon, but she does have a beautiful story about family shame and secrets, told on the podcast “Family Secrets” and parsed this episode by Gina Grad. Teresa Strasser comes to the podcast table with this week’s “The Ringer, NBA Show,” because there is no detail too obscure for her when it comes to “The Last Dance,” and when Jason Hehir shows up to spill the Gatorade, it’s on like MJ’s moustache. This week’s podcast about podcasts opens your ears to the best shows out there, with clips and conversations.


Family Secrets: Cold People

The Ringer: NBA Show JJ Redick chats Jason Hair – about MJ/Bulls docuseries “The Last Dance”


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